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Top 10 Mnc Companies in Bangalore for a Successful Career

Bangalore has become a significant hub for multinational corporations (MNCs) from all around the world. Many of the world’s biggest MNCs have set up their offices in Bangalore, making it a centre for technology and innovation. 

The presence of these MNCs has not only created numerous job opportunities for the locals but has also given the city a more global outlook. Bangalore is a popular place for MNCs because it has many skilled technology, engineering, and management workers. 

The government in the state of Karnataka also helps MNCs with policies that support the growth of IT and technology industries. Bangalore has good infrastructure, like airports and transportation networks, which makes it easy for MNCs to do business. 

Being close to many potential customers in southern India makes Bangalore an attractive location for MNCs. Finally, it’s cheaper for MNCs to operate in Bangalore because the cost of living and wages are lower than in other global tech hubs.

What Are Multinational Companies (Mncs)?

Multinational companies (MNCs), or multinational corporations, are large corporations that operate in multiple countries. MNCs have centralised management and decision-making structures and typically have a global strategy. 

They work across borders to exploit different markets, resources, and labour forces. MNCs can have subsidiaries, branches, or affiliates in other countries and often use the foreign direct investment to expand their operations globally. 

MNCs are well-known for their ability to dominate and shape global markets, impacting local economies and cultures.

Top 10 Mnc Companies in Bangalore for a Successful Career!

Which Are the Top 10 Mncs in Bangalore?

The Top 10 Mncs in Bangalore Are:

  1. Capgemini
  2. IBM
  3. Accenture
  4. Goldman Sachs
  5. TCS
  6. Infosys
  7. Microsoft India
  8. Google India
  9. Amazon India
  10. Cisco System India

MNCs in Bangalore are considered among the best due to a skilled workforce, favourable policies, good infrastructure, and proximity to a large consumer base in southern India. These factors have made it easier for MNCs to find and hire the right talent, set up and operate their businesses, and tap into the Indian market.

1. Capgemini


Capgemini was established on 1 October 1967 in Bangalore, India, and is a France-based MNC company. The company offers clients diverse consulting, technology, and outsourcing services worldwide. 

Bangalore is known for its large pool of highly skilled professionals in technology and engineering, which is why Capgemini has been able to tap into this talent pool to develop and deliver innovative solutions to its clients. It has over 3,58,400 employees worldwide and made a grant revenue of €22 billion in 2022.

Capgemini’s success in Bangalore results from the combination of a skilled workforce, favourable policies, and excellent infrastructure, making it one of the best MNCs in the region.

2. Ibm


IBM India Pvt. Ltd., a multinational corporation (MNC), is a top software firm with a significant presence in Bangalore’s thriving tech community. Bangalore, one of IBM’s most prominent global locations, is renowned for its cutting-edge technology products and services.

Although IBM does not disclose the specific revenue generated by its operations in Bangalore, the corporation reported global revenue of $76.6 billion in 2022, indicating a 2% increase from the previous year.

IBM has over 100,000 employees involved in software development, engineering, cloud computing, and data analytics. As a multinational corporation, it has significantly expanded Bangalore’s tech sector, creating employment opportunities and boosting economic growth.

3. Accenture


Accenture is a Dublin-based IT company established in 1989, and one of its branches operates in Bangalore, India. Being an MNC, Accenture has significantly contributed to the growth and development of Bangalore’s tech sector, attracting other MNCs to the city and creating a vibrant ecosystem of tech companies and startups. 

With over 738,000 employees worldwide and making $61.6 billion in 2022, Accenture has become one of the city’s major employers, delivering high-quality services and solutions to clients globally in digital, technology, and consulting. 

Moreover, Accenture’s corporate social responsibility initiatives in Bangalore have played a crucial role in the city’s social and economic development, making it a valuable contributor to the community.

4. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs was established in 1869, a New York-based Software Company in Fortune 500. It has over 49,000 employees worldwide and made $48 billion in 2022. It has a big office in Bangalore, India. 

They’ve been in Bangalore since 2004 and are one of the essential MNCs in the city. They employ a lot of different kinds of experts like engineers, software developers, and financial analysts who help them with crucial jobs like technology and risk management.

Goldman Sachs is an integral part of Bangalore’s economy and will probably continue to be necessary for a long time.

5. TCS


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a multinational IT service provider and business consulting firm, is renowned for its exceptional performance in the software industry. With a staggering revenue of INR 1,67,311 crores and a market value of INR 9,00,000 crores, TCS is among the most successful companies in India. 

The company boasts a workforce of over 4,00,000 employees and is widely regarded as one of the best places for recent graduates to launch their careers in the IT sector.  Additionally, the software industry, which generates approximately $25.3 billion in revenue, is rapidly expanding at 10.47%. 

As a leading multinational corporation (MNC), TCS’s achievements inspire other companies looking to thrive in the highly competitive software industry.

6. Infosys


Infosys Limited, a renowned multinational corporation (MNC) based in India, has established a prominent presence in the global software industry through its exceptional software consulting and support services. 

The company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has a workforce of more than 230,000 people and generates revenue of $1.02 billion. Since its inception in 1981, with a meagre sum of $250, the company has witnessed a phenomenal growth trajectory, generating revenues between $20 and $25 billion. Its founder, N.R. Narayana Murthy, is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the Indian software industry.

Infosys Limited is an ideal starting point for individuals seeking to begin their careers in the information technology domain. Statista reports that the company holds the second-largest market capitalisation in India and is involved in one of the sectors that generate the highest annual revenue, amounting to approximately $16.3 billion. 

In the past three years, the company has recorded a steady growth rate of 9.81%, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. As an MNC, Infosys Limited is a role model for businesses seeking to establish a global footprint and achieve sustained growth in the highly competitive software industry.

7. Microsoft India

Microsoft India

Microsoft India is a big multinational company with a big office in Bangalore, Karnataka. They started in 1990 and have been very important in helping Microsoft become victorious worldwide. It has over 18,000 employees in India. 

In Bangalore, Microsoft India has a massive office with lots of cool stuff. They do a lot of research and development there to make new things for Microsoft. They also have many people who work there, like engineers, developers, and researchers. 

8. Google India

Google India

Google is one of the most renowned software-based industries, established on September 4, 1998, and has one of the leading offices in Bangalore, India. The Bangalore office was established in 2004 and has since become one of Google’s most prominent offices outside the United States. 

As a multinational corporation (MNC), Google is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, innovative products and services, and its commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. It has over 20,000 employees in Bangalore.

The Bangalore office reflects these qualities and houses diverse employees working on various projects across various domains, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

9. Amazon India

Amazon India

Amazon India is a subsidiary of the multinational technology and retail company, Inc. It has a significant presence in Bangalore, India, operating one of its most prominent offices. The office was established on 22 December 1994, located in the Bagmane Tech Park in the Mahadevapura area of the city.

As an MNC, Amazon is known for its innovative products, customer-centric approach, and culture of excellence and collaboration. It has over 15,00,000 employees worldwide. 

The Bangalore office reflects these qualities and is staffed by diverse employees working on various projects in e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital entertainment.

10. Cisco System India

Cisco System India

Cisco System India was established on December 10, 1984, and is renowned as one of the biggest MNCs in the world. It has over 14,000 employees in Bangalore, India. 

Cisco Systems India is a multinational technology company based in Bangalore, established in 1995. It’s a Cisco Systems, Inc. subsidiary and a prominent player in the Indian technology market. 

As an MNC, The company has multiple offices in Bangalore with state-of-the-art facilities, including research and development centres, training centres, and a customer support centre. Cisco Systems India’s focus on innovation and technology has helped it stay ahead of the competition. 


1. What sectors do these MNCs operate in?

These MNCs operate in various sectors, such as information technology, e-commerce, semiconductors, aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.

2. How have these MNCs contributed to Bangalore’s economy?

These MNCs have played a significant role in Bangalore’s economic growth by creating job opportunities, boosting local businesses, and contributing to infrastructure development.

3. What benefits do these MNCs offer to their employees in Bangalore?

These MNCs offer a range of benefits to their employees, such as competitive salaries, health insurance, flexible work hours, on-site recreational facilities, and opportunities for career advancement.

4. What is the impact of these MNCs on the local community and environment?

These MNCs have contributed positively to the city’s growth and impact on the local community and environment debate. Some concerns include the displacement of local communities, the strain on natural resources, and pollution. 

5. Which are the top 5 MNCs in Bangalore?

The top 5MNCs in Bangalore are:

  1. Capgemini
  2. IBM
  3. Accenture
  4. Goldman Sachs
  5. TCS

MNCs in Bangalore are considered among the best due to a skilled workforce, favourable policies, good infrastructure, and proximity to a large consumer base in southern India.


Bangalore is one of the most renowned Indian cities, home to many MNCs, and many people have sought career opportunities in Bangalore. It has the most prominent companies situated in the city that offers tons of jobs to Indian people.

The MNCs in Bangalore have played a crucial role in the city’s economic growth by creating many job opportunities for the local workforce. Apart from that, the presence of these MNCs has also positively impacted the development of the city’s infrastructure, including better transportation facilities, improved housing options, and other necessary amenities. 

All of these factors have contributed to the overall growth of Bangalore, and MNCs continue to play a significant role in shaping the city’s future.


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